The Australian standards for bathrooms are a minimum of 140cm x 95cm for rectangular floor plans, while a minimum of 120cm x 120cm is needed for square floor plans. Remember that these measurements represent the basic area needed to accommodate a sink and toilet.

Thorough planning and careful consideration are crucial before hiring a company for bathroom renovations. Besides its functional aspects, the bathroom should also serve as a sanctuary for relaxation. Thus, it is essential to prioritise Australian size standards to guarantee adequate space for movement and maintenance when collaborating with a provider.

This blog will address some frequently asked questions regarding bathrooms, providing valuable insights and guidance.

What Should a Bathroom Look Like?

Your bathroom needs ample space for each function, such as showering, using the toilet, and utilising the basin. When selecting a layout, consider both the size of your bathroom and your budget.

In addition to size considerations, focus on accessibility and natural light in your bathroom design to establish a spacious and welcoming ambience. Opt for positioning the vanity and mirror as the focal point upon entering, rather than having the toilet directly in view, as this creates a more visually pleasing arrangement.

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How Can I Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

You can make a small bathroom look bigger by leveraging appropriate colours, lighting, big mirrors, and plain tiles. All these additions can make a space seem larger than its actual size.

Maximise functionality and declutter your bathroom by using vertical storage solutions, such as wall-mounted cabinets. This allows you to optimise space effectively.

Opt for consistent wall and floor colours to create an illusion of a larger bathroom. This cohesive colour scheme can make the space appear more spacious and open.

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Do I Need to Install a Ventilation System in My Bathroom?

Yes, you need to install a ventilation system in your bathroom, especially if it doesn’t have a window. Bathrooms with windows that cover at least 10% of floor space can forgo having an exhaust for ventilation.

Ensure your bathroom has a reliable ventilation system, which is crucial in reducing moisture build-up. Excess moisture can pose health risks, making proper ventilation essential.

What Issues Can I Get From Poor Bathroom Ventilation?

Inadequate bathroom ventilation can lead to issues like mould growth and surface damage. A musty smell often indicates poor ventilation, indicating an unhealthy environment. To address this, clean affected areas and install an exhaust system.

You can enhance your bathroom oasis by opting for stylish ventilation options that come with additional features such as lights, heat lamps, Bluetooth capability, and speakers. These additions can elevate your overall bathroom experience.

Where to Install Bathroom Ventilation?

For proper bathroom ventilation, installing a ventilation system above the sink, near the shower, or in the space between the shower and toilet is recommended.

In smaller bathrooms, it is acceptable to position the fan in the centre. However, in larger spaces, it is advisable to place the fan in areas where moisture accumulation is highest. This ensures the efficient removal of excess moisture in the bathroom.