Yes, you can DIY a bathroom renovation, providing you work with licensed tradesmen, such as electricians and plumbers, for electrical and plumbing jobs. It’s still possible to do things independently but only to manage smaller bathroom upgrades.

Lots of homeowners opt to do their own bathroom renovations to save some cash and have a say in how things turn out. But before you jump into DIY mode, there are some important factors you should mull over.

This article will walk you through the key things to consider before embarking on a solo bathroom renovation project.

What to Consider for Bathroom Renovation DIY vs Hiring?

Here are the main considerations for a DIY bathroom renovation vs hiring professionals:

Plumbing and Electrical

When it comes to electrical and plumbing tasks, it’s really important to trust qualified professionals. This rule applies to all sorts of places, such as houses, rental properties, businesses, caravans, and boats.

While there might be a few exceptions, trying to tackle these jobs without the right licence can result in hefty fines, dangerous situations, serious injuries, or even loss of life. Insurance might not cover any damages caused by unlicensed DIY electrical or plumbing work.

Completion Timeline

Although you can save money when you DIY a bathroom renovation, it’s important to remember that it usually takes more time to get things done. On the other hand, hiring professionals can really speed up the process and save you weeks, if not months, of your valuable time.

By relying on professionals, you’ll witness quick progress, like going from waking up with no shower to coming home in the evening and enjoying a fully functional one.

Overall Cost

Many people are drawn to DIY bathroom renovations because they offer a chance to save money and experience personal satisfaction. Hiring a general contractor for a small bathroom overhaul can set you back around $30,000, but taking on the project yourself could cost you as little as half of that. You get to keep the material costs and avoid paying for labour by doing it yourself.

However, there’s something to be said for paying a bit more to enjoy the convenience and expertise of skilled professionals. If you prefer someone else to handle the work efficiently and effectively, it may be worth the investment.


DIY enthusiasts can definitely tackle bathroom flooring, especially when it comes to easy-install options like luxury vinyl planks. They’re pretty straightforward to install, making it a doable task for confident DIYers who plan a bathroom renovation properly.

However, professionals have the upper hand when it comes to certain aspects of your renovation, like ensuring the right “fall” in your shower. Likewise, it’s best to leave it to the professionals if you wish to have porcelain or ceramic tiles installed.


DIYers can usually handle minor carpentry tasks such as installing insulation and vapour barriers. However, framing requires precision to install fixtures the right way.

With a careful eye for detail, many DIYers can tackle these tasks successfully. However, if you find yourself unsure about how to approach a bathroom renovation on your own, it’s probably best to leave it in the hands of the experts.

Is a DIY Bathroom Renovation Easy?

A DIY bathroom renovation isn’t easy. The job itself can be quite complex and will require in-depth knowledge to complete. You might want to leave it to the experts if you aren’t sure how to proceed.