Yes, you can renovate a laundry even on a budget. There are many cost-saving tips available that can help you get the laundry upgrades you want while saving on cost.

When undertaking a laundry renovation, it’s important to consider its potential benefits in terms of improved functionality and efficiency.

In our blog, we will share valuable, budget-friendly tips and ideas, allowing you to minimise costs while renovating your laundry.

Budget-Friendly Laundry Renovation Tips

The following are essential tips for a budget-friendly laundry renovation:

Replace the Flooring

Elevate the appearance and ambiance of your laundry by upgrading its flooring. Doing so will give you something similar to the impact of a fresh coat of paint. Consider cost-effective options like sheet vinyl, which offers stylish and modern designs. While tile flooring is a fantastic option, seeking professional assistance for proper installation is advisable.

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Add New Colour

Transform your laundry with a simple yet impactful update by giving it a fresh coat of paint. Opt for a whimsical and uplifting colour that brings joy and positivity to the space. You’ll be amazed at the remarkable difference a new paint colour can make in your laundry. Consider identifying a feature wall where your washer and dryer are located, and accent it with a contrasting colour or beautiful wallpaper to add visual interest and personality.

Install Splashbacks

If you have leftover tile from a previous kitchen or bathroom project, consider using it as a stylish and practical splashback behind your washer and dryer. Alternatively, if you have enough tiles available, you can tile the entire wall for a cohesive look. If you don’t have any leftovers, contact local tile stores and inquire about discontinued or sale tiles to find cost-saving options.

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Change Benchtops

Explore modern benchtop options like lacquered wood, laminate, engineered stone, or marble to add visual appeal and contrast to an all-white laundry. If you’re on a budget, consider a cost-effective choice like granite laminate, which can bring interest to a plain space. Whichever style you choose, prioritise selecting a moisture-resistant material that can withstand the laundry environment effectively.

Get New Lighting

When renovating your laundry, it’s important to give due attention to the lighting. Evaluate whether the current lighting provides adequate illumination for tasks such as folding clothes. To achieve cost-effective brightness, consider incorporating LED down lights.

Does a Laundry Update Add Value to a House?

Creating a well-designed and functional laundry can greatly enhance the overall attractiveness of your property, appealing to potential buyers who prioritize practicality and convenience. It can effectively meet these expectations and add significant value to your home.

By incorporating modern appliances, ample storage solutions, and functional countertops, you can elevate the perceived worth of your property in the eyes of prospective buyers.