The main aspects to consider before renovating a bathroom are the total cost of renovation, having accessible outlets, and not assuming to be on the same page with your contractor. You should also think about incorporating certain types of tiles and leveraging natural light.

These considerations will prepare you and ensure your bathroom renovation goes smoothly. It also helps guarantee that your bathroom renovation contractors will provide the results you’ve always wanted.

For this post, we’ll talk more about what you need to know before renovating a bathroom.

Things to Know Before You Start a Bathroom Renovation

The following are the biggest considerations before you start a bathroom renovation:

Think About the Total Cost

Before diving into a bathroom renovation, it’s important to carefully consider the overall cost. Apart from materials and labour, don’t forget to factor in fixtures, plumbing, countertops, surfaces, and cabinetry expenses. Aiming for a project cost that falls within 5% to 10% of your home’s value is a good idea. This ensures a sensible investment and helps you steer clear of any unexpected financial burdens.

Ensure Accessible Outlets

When tackling a bathroom renovation, it’s smart to think about incorporating accessible outlets. Plan ahead and strategically position outlets for convenience and practicality. Make sure they’re easily accessible for appliances, charging devices, and any future requirements. It’s a small investment that can significantly improve the functionality and usability of your bathroom.

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Don’t Assume Your Contractor Understands

When taking on the role of a general contractor or working with one, it’s important not to assume that everyone understands the plan automatically. Take the time to clearly communicate every single detail and double-check everything to avoid any mistakes. Treat the renovation process like surgery, where you constantly verify and agree on the correct details.

Select Specific Tiles

Don’t let yourself get bogged down by an overwhelming number of tile samples. Instead, concentrate on a few key varieties that are renowned for their durability and timeless charm: porcelain, glass, natural stone, cement, and subway tile. By narrowing down your choices and considering the right colour and shape, you can simplify the tile selection process for your bathroom renovation.

Leverage Natural Light

When giving your bathroom a makeover, embracing natural light can work wonders in turning the space into a radiant and welcoming oasis. Opt for larger windows or skylights to let in maximum sunlight, consider using translucent or frosted glass for privacy, and go for light-coloured materials that enhance the reflection of natural light.

Will I Need an Electrician for a Bathroom Renovation?

Yes, you need to hire an electrician when you need electrical work done for your bathroom renovation. Having a licensed electrician at your side ensures any lighting task is performed correctly and according to proper standards.

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