The main difference between a kitchen renovation and kitchen remodelling is that kitchen renovations prioritise repairing or enhancing the area. Whereas kitchen remodelling focuses on altering the entire layout of a kitchen.

For this post, we’ll discuss the differences that a kitchen renovation has over a kitchen remodelling project.

Primary Difference in a Kitchen Renovation vs Remodelling

The primary difference between a kitchen renovation vs remodelling is that a renovation aims to fix or refresh a space without making significant structural changes. On the other hand, remodelling is designed to alter a kitchen’s form, purpose, and overall structure.

A kitchen renovation prioritises upgrading finishes and fixtures while keeping its function and layout similar. Kitchen remodelling involves changes, such as making a galley kitchen an open-concept area that has an island bench and adding more lighting and storage.

You can expect more transformative results with remodelling. However, it can be more costly compared to a kitchen renovation. You can ensure your project goes well by learning about the top kitchen renovation mistakes to avoid here.

Should I Renovate My Kitchen or Remodel It?

You renovate your kitchen if you want to freshen up its look. If you wish to change its whole layout, remodelling is your best bet. Make sure you consider the purpose of your project to identify the best option for your needs.

Knowing your goals before making a decision can go a long way in ensuring you achieve the desired results. Renovation is a good choice if making cosmetic changes is sufficient for you, while a remodelling should be reserved if you wish to make a complete overhaul.

How Long Does a Kitchen Renovation Take?

A kitchen renovation takes around 3 to 6 weeks to finish. The schedule of completion highly depends on the project size and customisation extent.

Keep in mind that the time it takes to complete isn’t focused solely on installing fixtures. A lot of the renovation time will be spent in a warehouse, where the essential items needed for the project will be fabricated.

Why Does a Kitchen Renovation Take a Long Time to Finish?

A kitchen renovation takes a long time to finish because of all activities involved from start to finish. Usually, such projects will take several weeks for material fabrication, demolition, and installation. Providers with connections to fully stocked warehouses can reduce the time it takes to complete renovations.

A few other factors that can make projects finish faster or at a later date are:

What Tradespeople Are Need for a Kitchen Renovation?

You need electricians, plumbers, painters, tillers, and cabinetmakers when doing a kitchen renovation. These tradespeople are required if you want to get the best results from your project.

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