The best features to focus on when renovating a laundry are the storage units, appliances, and sinks. To enhance the functionality of your laundry, think about replacing the floors and improving the lighting.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the key laundry addons to consider when hiring a laundry renovation company for your project.

Important Features to Consider for a Laundry Renovation

These are the important features to consider in a laundry renovation:

Storage Units

When renovating your laundry, think about how you can maximise its functionality and storage. Plan the layout and choose between flat pack or custom cabinetry to save space.

If you’re not ready for fully customised cabinetry, a tall cupboard with open shelving in a corner can be a great solution. Additionally, overhead cupboards can provide a safe storage option for your cleaning products.

Laundry Appliances

Start by deciding on the washing machine and dryer that best suit your needs, considering the size of the room, your budget, and the style of the units. If space is limited, consider getting a washer and dryer combo, or if you have enough space, you can opt for separate appliances.

If you plan to add a bench on top of the machines, choose between a top-loading or front-loading machine accordingly. Make sure the laundry has enough space to accommodate all the necessary appliances.


There are stylish sink options beyond the standard steel ones we’re familiar with. Consider copper sinks for a unique metallic touch.

Opt for a deep laundry sink that allows you to hand wash small items and fill mop buckets conveniently. Having a deep sink in the laundry saves you from using the kitchen sink for cleaning tasks.


Selecting the appropriate flooring for your laundry area is important to prevent slips and potential issues. Go for water-resistant flooring to safeguard against spills and damage.

Consider durable tile options like ceramic or porcelain, which can handle the daily foot traffic. Keep in mind that wood flooring is susceptible to water damage. Alternatively, affordable and robust choices like vinyl planks or tiles are worth considering.


Don’t overlook the importance of lighting when renovating your laundry. Insufficient lighting can make it hard to see your designs and impede your laundry tasks.

Improve visibility by adding lights under cabinets and using ceiling lights to minimise shadows. It’s ideal to select a spot with plenty of natural light to help reduce costs.

Other Things to Consider for a Laundry Renovation

Consider these additional aspects below for your laundry renovation:

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