The best way to modernise a laundry is by starting with a plan and design on how to renovate it. From there, you consider your budget, begin preparations, demolish, and replace the flooring.

Your next move is to set up new fixtures, such as a brand-new sink, countertops, and cabinetry. There’s also the option of applying a fresh coat of paint when you renovate a laundry.

This blog will talk more about these steps in detail to ensure the best results in a laundry modernisation.

Steps in Modernising a Laundry

The following steps will help you modernise a laundry successfully:

Planning and Designing

Prior to diving into your laundry renovation project, take a moment to reflect on your motivations for remodelling and let them serve as your compass during the planning phase. Are you aiming to give the room a fresh look or enhance its practicality? Take a close look at the current space—can you make do with the existing walls, or should you consider relocating?

Come up with a design that caters to your specific requirements, paying special attention to appliance placement and workflow. Keep your laundry routine front and centre as you devise your plans.

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Setting Your Budget

When embarking on a laundry renovation, it’s crucial to set a budget and give priority to important expenses such as appliances, countertops, and flooring. Focus on allocating funds to the essential features before delving into aesthetics and adding your personal flair.

Remember to reserve approximately a third of your budget for labour costs. Also, don’t forget to account for the expenses of waste removal.

Area Preparation

Getting ready for your laundry renovation requires careful thought and planning. Ensure you have all the essential tools for demolition, and don’t forget to prioritise safety by wearing protective gear. To keep the dust under control, use plastic sheets to contain it and cover any air ducts to prevent it from spreading. If there’s an option, open up the windows and use fans to improve ventilation throughout the area.

When it comes to hiring a contractor, go the extra mile and conduct comprehensive background checks. Look beyond mere referrals and licences to make an informed decision.

Removing Appliances

Get ready to kick off your laundry renovation by saying goodbye to the old fixtures. Begin the process by safely removing the washer and dryer. Make sure to unplug them, turn off the water, and disconnect the hoses for your washing machine.

For the dryer, turn off the power or gas supply, unplug it, and disconnect the vent hose. To detach the countertops, utilise a caulk softener and handy prying tools.

Get New Flooring

As you set off on your laundry renovation journey, give top priority to the installation of new flooring. Take the time to acquaint yourself with the specific installation process for the flooring material you’ve selected.

Begin by preparing the subfloor and gathering all the essential tools. Also, consider if the flooring material requires acclimation before installation. It’s best to work with a laundry renovation specialist to ensure a seamless experience.

Installing New Fixtures

When it’s time to set up the new fixtures in your laundry area, keep these handy tips in mind to make the process hassle-free and create a well-designed space.

Sink installation: Remember to shut off the water supply before installing a sink. It’s best to hire a professional plumber to ensure a smooth and problem-free plumbing transition.