Popular kitchen styles in Australia are French, country, coastal, contemporary, and Hamptons. Other designs that make it to this list include industrial, colonial, and modern.

It’s helpful to know the latest kitchen style trends because they can give you great ideas for your upcoming kitchen remodel. Plus, you can get some expert advice from an experienced kitchen renovation contractor who can share their thoughts on specific concepts.

In this blog, we’ll dive into Australia’s popular kitchen renovation styles that you can start using right away.

Top Kitchen Designs Today

These are the top kitchen designs being used today:

French Kitchen Style

A French-style kitchen, also called a French country kitchen, brings together elegance and rustic charm. It’s all about the intricate details like carved woodwork and fancy mouldings, combined with natural materials like stone and worn-out wood. A kitchen renovation company adds to its timeless and romantic vibe by incorporating soft colours, open shelves, and vintage touches.

Country Kitchen Style

A country-style kitchen creates a cosy and welcoming atmosphere with its rustic and traditional look. It usually uses natural materials like wood and stone and includes farmhouse sinks, open shelves, and vintage-inspired accessories. The design captures a warm and down-to-earth vibe that embraces simplicity and comfort.

Coastal Kitchen Style

A coastal-style kitchen draws inspiration from the laid-back and refreshing coastal lifestyle. It embraces light and breezy design elements, like a white or pastel colour scheme, natural textures such as rattan or wicker, and nautical touches. The aim is to create a calming beach ambiance that brings the essence of the ocean right into your home.

Contemporary Kitchen Style

A contemporary-style kitchen captures sleek and clean lines while prioritising functionality and simplicity. It highlights smooth surfaces, minimalist cabinets, and a neutral color scheme. A contemporary kitchen achieves a fresh, uncluttered, stylish, and practical look by incorporating modern materials like stainless steel and glass.

Hamptons Kitchen Style

A Hamptons-style kitchen takes cues from the upscale coastal residences of the Hamptons, New York. It effortlessly blends elegance with a laid-back feel. With its crisp white cabinets, marble countertops, and subway tile backsplashes, a Hamptons-style kitchen emanates timeless sophistication and a touch of relaxed refinement.

How Do I Choose a Kitchen Style?

Finding the perfect kitchen style starts with knowing what you like and what suits your lifestyle. Think about the kind of atmosphere, functionality, and look you want to achieve based on your own preferences.

Take some time to explore various styles, like traditional, modern, country, or industrial, and see how they blend with the overall design of your home. Also, consider the space you have, how much upkeep you’re willing to do, and your budget.

Ultimately, go for a style that showcases your individuality and creates a kitchen space where you can truly enjoy your time. Does a kitchen renovation take long to finish? Learn about the answer by checking out our blog today.