How Can I Choose a Bathroom Renovation Company?

You choose a bathroom renovation company by researching their expertise and experience beforehand. Check for licensing and see how they work with their customers. By checking all of these factors, you have a good probability of selecting the appropriate provider to install your new bathroom add-ons. For this blog, we’ll discuss the tips to help […]

What Are the Australian Standards for Bathrooms?

The Australian standards for bathrooms are a minimum of 140cm x 95cm for rectangular floor plans, while a minimum of 120cm x 120cm is needed for square floor plans. Remember that these measurements represent the basic area needed to accommodate a sink and toilet. Thorough planning and careful consideration are crucial before hiring a company […]

Do I Need a Permit to Do a Bathroom Renovation in Mornington?

Yes, you need a permit to do a bathroom renovation in Mornington. The job of renovating a bathroom is unique and complex, particularly those projects that involve Heritage-listed properties. Consider different aspects and seek advice from professionals such as engineers, architects, building surveyors, and heritage specialists. Avoid attempting the project on your own and collaborate […]

How to Start a Bathroom Renovation?

The best way to start a bathroom renovation is to gather ideas concerning your planned project to start a bathroom renovation. You can get inspiration for bathroom renovation designs in many places, such as on social media. Platforms like Pinterest can provide options that benefit a renovation or remodel. Discover the convenience of online design […]

Can I Renovate a Bathroom on a Budget?

Yes, you can renovate a bathroom even on a budget. Some methods to get affordable bathroom upgrades are installing extra storage, replacing the vanity, changing shower curtains, and getting new fittings. Some homeowners decide to enhance their lighting or set up a new mirror. You can make a huge difference in your bathroom without spending […]

How to Modernise a Laundry

The best way to modernise a laundry is by starting with a plan and design on how to renovate it. From there, you consider your budget, begin preparations, demolish, and replace the flooring. Your next move is to set up new fixtures, such as a brand-new sink, countertops, and cabinetry. There’s also the option of […]

How Long Does It Take to Renovate a Laundry?

A laundry renovation takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete. Larger projects can take anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks, especially those with more complex requirements. Knowing how long these renovations take is essential as it will help you make the right decision before hiring a laundry renovation expert. For this post, we’ll explore the […]

Top Signs You Need a Laundry Renovation

The top signs you need a laundry renovation include finding water stains, leaks, and outdated or inefficient electrical fittings. You may also find that your laundry fixtures aren’t as functional as they were before. For this blog, we’ll discuss the most prominent signs informing you it’s time for a laundry renovation. Signs to Get a […]

Can I Renovate a Laundry on a Budget?

Yes, you can renovate a laundry even on a budget. There are many cost-saving tips available that can help you get the laundry upgrades you want while saving on cost. When undertaking a laundry renovation, it’s important to consider its potential benefits in terms of improved functionality and efficiency. In our blog, we will share […]

Why Should I Renovate a Laundry?

You renovate a laundry because you want to keep it functional. This specific room in the house plays an essential role since it’s where you go to wash your clothes. You can also use it to store important items such as cleaning equipment and products. If you reside in a small home, optimising the design […]