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At Form Bathroom Renovations Mornington, we pride ourselves on being the premier bathroom renovation specialist in the Mornington Peninsula, bringing luxury and style to Frankston homes. Our tailored designs and high-quality finishes have transformed countless bathrooms in the area.

Dreaming of a beautiful and functional bathroom space? Our experienced crew has you covered. Book a consultation with us today, and let’s make your vision come to life.

3 Best Reasons to Renovate a Bathroom

Here are the biggest reasons why you should consider renovating a bathroom:

Increased Home Value

Renovating your bathroom can significantly boost the value of your home. Modern, well-designed spaces are highly sought after by buyers and can provide a great return on investment.

Modernised Functionality

Upgrading your bathroom means adding the latest in functionality and efficiency. This ensures you enjoy comfort, luxury, and energy savings at its finest.

Enhanced Aesthetics

A renovation provides the perfect opportunity to give your bathroom a fresh, contemporary look, enhancing the overall feel of your home.

Bathroom Renovation Services We Provide in Frankston

The following are the bathroom renovation services we provide to Frankston residents:

Flooring and Splashback

Beautiful flooring and splashback not only enhance the aesthetics but also ensure durability and ease of cleaning.

Lighting Installation

The right lighting can create an ambiance, making your bathroom a relaxing and inviting space. We install efficient and stylish lighting solutions.


Our expert team ensures your plumbing is efficient, leak-free, and aligned with the latest technology, guaranteeing longevity and reliability.

Benefits of Renovating a Bathroom

The benefits of renovating a bathroom are the following:

  • Improved Utility: Renovating a bathroom allows you to maximise space and functionality. Whether it’s through added storage or better layout design, you get the most out of your bathroom space.
  • Enhanced Relaxation: A bathroom is not just a utility space. A renovated bathroom offers a sanctuary in your home – a place for relaxation and self-care. Incorporating elements from places like Mt. Eliza can bring a serene touch to your space.
  • Energy Efficiency: Modern bathroom fixtures and designs can considerably reduce water and energy consumption, leading to long-term savings and a reduced environmental footprint.

Why Choose Us for Bathroom Renovations In Frankston

These are the reasons why Frankston residents choose us:

  • Extensive Renovation Experience: Our years in the industry have armed us with vast knowledge and skills, ensuring top-notch services every time.
  • Commitment to Quality: We never compromise on quality. Every material, design, and service is meticulously chosen for the best results.
  • Licenced Tradesmen: Our team consists of licenced professionals, ensuring your project is in safe and expert hands, guaranteeing peace of mind and exceptional outcomes.