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Welcome to Form Bathroom Renovations Mornington, the leading bathroom renovation company in Hampton, Bayside. We take pride in transforming outdated bathrooms into modern sanctuaries in suburbs like Hampton.

Our expert team ensures every project is a blend of style, functionality, and durability. Don’t let your bathroom be an afterthought; invite elegance and modernity into your home.

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Reasons to Renovate a Bathroom

The reasons to renovate a bathroom include the following:

A Boost in Property Value

An upgraded bathroom instantly enhances the market value of your home. With modern fixtures and designs, potential buyers are more attracted to a home that requires minimal work.

Improved Functionality and Safety

Renovating means adapting your bathroom to better suit your needs. This could involve making it more accessible or just more efficient. Additionally, outdated bathrooms can have hidden hazards; renovating ensures a safer environment.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Modern bathrooms often include energy-saving fixtures and sustainable materials. Not only does this cut down on your utility bills, but it also reduces your carbon footprint.

Bathroom Renovation Services We Provide in Hampton

These are the bathroom renovation services we provide:

Flooring and Splashback

Breathe new life into your bathroom with our stunning range of floorings and splashbacks. Our materials are both visually appealing and durable.

Lighting Installation

Set the right mood with our lighting solutions. From ambient to task lighting, our team ensures every corner of your bathroom shines brightly.


No renovation is complete without ensuring that the plumbing is faultless. Our experienced plumbers guarantee efficient and long-lasting plumbing solutions.

Benefits of Renovating a Bathroom

These are the main benefits of renovating a bathroom:

  • Modern Appeal: There’s a distinctive charm in walking into a contemporary, clean, and stylish bathroom. Besides aesthetics, modern bathrooms in areas near Sandringham offer advanced fixtures that promise efficiency and durability.
  • Increased Storage Space: Renovating allows homeowners to maximise their bathroom space. With smart storage solutions, you can organise better and declutter, making your bathroom feel more spacious and functional.
  • Enhanced Relaxation: Your bathroom isn’t just a functional space; it’s a place of relaxation. A renovated bathroom can become your personal spa, where you unwind after a long day.

Why Choose Us for Bathroom Renovations In Hampton

Here are the reasons why Hampton residents choose us:

Custom Bathroom Designs

Our designs aren’t just confined to bathrooms. We offer customised bathroom designs, ensuring every space in your home radiates style and efficiency.

Extensive Renovation Experience

Having transformed numerous bathrooms in areas, including bathroom renovations in Brighton, our wealth of experience ensures we deliver results that exceed expectations.

Commitment to Quality

For us, quality is non-negotiable. Every project we undertake is a testament to our dedication to delivering nothing but the best.